Are you afraid of the clouds ?

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The security of your PLM data, locally and on the cloud         


            For several years, a good number of our data, are already on the cloud. And sometimes, we don’t even have consciousness, a message on twitter, a post on Facebook, a communication on Linkedin, and we don’t take care to backup any of our messages, but why?  These data are not critical, and probably doesn’t have enough value to us to backup them properly. But it is the same, for other data we hold many more. For example, our pictures; memories that we cherish. There are only a few years we leaf through papers albums of our ancestors … Today we search directly to internet via a OneDrive or a Dropbox in the world to share our photos with our friends.

                  But when we talk about industrial data, representatives of the sums of working hours, knowledge, trade secrets, etc … do we have the similar behavior ? Surely not ! But why ? The simple fact of not knowing our data “physically” at a clearly identified and known place, always makes us fear for the worst … yet!

                   Try to ask the right questions, these data so sensitive and so valuable, are they really and truly so well protected inside the walls of our companies ? Ask these questions, it’s probably answer them!

  •                  Access to yours servers in your organization How secure is (Code, card, biometric identification) ?
  •                  The different server access protection (code, card, etc.) are they changed randomly at least once every a week ?
  •                  Are surveillance cameras continuously record access to servers ?
  •                  Does a surveillance camera continuously records keyboards operators entries ?
  •                  Different operators with access to the servers are they subject to a continuous administrative supervision, including their bank account?
  •                  Are you able to know who stepped on one of your servers to a precise date and time, and without consulting the log of your server?
  •                  Can you identify precisely all persons that could access to your servers for other unrelated IT tasks (cleaning of the room, preventive maintenance, fire safety, etc …)
  •                  The security of local data on laptops of your company, is it 100% guarantee in case of loss or stolen?

The majority of large cloud providers solution offers these types of protection and more ….

                 If you answered majority of no to the previous questions, the cloud approach for your business s could be a new opportunity. The previous questions were focused exclusively on cloud security. Other aspects, both economic, and strategic should also meet your business needs! Do not hesitate to contact us, to learn more about cloud solution for PLM !


ScyFormAre you afraid of the clouds ?