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Do you know BIM – VDC and where it leads the AEC industry ?building

Many of you know the acronym “BIM” (Building Information Management), and perhaps some of you know of the acronym “VDC” (Virtual Design and Construction). But how to summarize, and quickly understand why the VDC is definitely an approach for the coming years into the AEC world.    In a very brief but practical way, here are some elements that characterize these two approaches:

BIM : This approach represents a finished state of a 3D virtual model. It is available at the end of the engineering design cycle. In the large majority of cases, this model has been used during all engineering phases, but will stop as soon as the live construction or repair phases begin on construction sites.  Only based on a virtual model, the strength of the BIM approach lies in its ability to integrate information between the different disciplines of a project. The IFC format is one key to this integration.

3 words to summarize BIM : Models, Data, Software

VDC : We can say that this approach is in continuity of BIM approach by bringing crucial element to a better collaboration. This collaboration comes not only from a data point of view, but allows to include the vital processes of the company. Project management, changes impacts, history, and all data management are part of the global solution, with the VDC approach. This approach allows to provide a solid backbone to complex projects, or for smaller projects.

3 words to summarize VDC : Processes, Collaboration, Integration

But BIM and VDC are not the only available avenues. Another approach as the “Lean Construction” is part of the winning solutions for your civil engineering projects.

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