2D/3D Notes Automation

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We recently had an opportunity to help an OEM/Supplier to stream line a process that is frequently forgotten but can have a significant impact on quality and productivity. That is the process of producing drawing notes. Suppliers depend on the OEM that can change the applicable notes with evolution of standards. Either in 3D space using CATIA Functional Tolerancing & …

Séjourné Morin2D/3D Notes Automation


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Do you know BIM – VDC and where it leads the AEC industry ? Many of you know the acronym “BIM” (Building Information Management), and perhaps some of you know of the acronym “VDC” (Virtual Design and Construction). But how to summarize, and quickly understand why the VDC is definitely an approach for the coming years into the AEC world.    In …

ScyFormBIM and VDC

Are you afraid of the clouds ?

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The security of your PLM data, locally and on the cloud                        For several years, a good number of our data, are already on the cloud. And sometimes, we don’t even have consciousness, a message on twitter, a post on Facebook, a communication on Linkedin, and we don’t take care to backup any of our messages, but why?  These …

ScyFormAre you afraid of the clouds ?

Scan 3D et nuages de points

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Pourquoi un scan 3D, et que peut vous apporter, et rapporter, un nuage de points ?         La popularités des scanners 3D dans plusieurs industries ne fait que croitre au fil des ans. Effectivement, la modélisation en 3D dans plusieurs secteurs d’activité ne fait qu’augmenter la demande pour cette nouvelle technologie. Plusieurs facteurs font que la demande de scan …

ScyFormScan 3D et nuages de points

Looking forward to test Hololens glasses?

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The announcement of Windows 10 and hololens glasses by Microsoft at its press conference on January 22nd, really appeared to primarily target the gaming industry. It seems The famous ” Minecraft ” would be one of the first to benefit. But for a number of other industries, the applications could be just what have been waiting for. For example in …

Séjourné MorinLooking forward to test Hololens glasses?

CATIA for road design and construction

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For over 20 years, CATIA is used to varying level in the Engineering and Construction industry (AEC). We have seen many businesses take advantage of the value delivered by the use of an integrated and parameterized 3D model . So far we can say that this solution is proven in most disciplines of civil engineering, whether in estimating concrete, multi- …

adminCATIA for road design and construction