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As products and experiences continue to increase in complexity, performance and quality targets are becoming more demanding. CATIA answers to that challenge, enabling rapid development of high-quality mechanical products.

Mechanical engineers equipped with CATIA 3D Modeling tools can gain insight into key factors of quality and performance early in the product development phase. Digital prototyping, combined with digital analysis and simulation, allows product development teams to virtually create and analyze a mechanical product in its operating environment.

CATIA Engineering provides the platform which enables engineers to create any type of 3D assembly, for a wide range of engineering processes.


From product to transportation industries, the style & design of the product plays a major role of the business success on the market. Develop shape & material creativity, reach a high level of surface sophistication & quality, and get the right decision tools with physical & virtual prototypes, are the key elements of CATIA Design to boost design innovation.

From 3D sketching, subdivision surface, Class-A modeling to 3D printing, reverse engineering, visualization and experience, CATIA Design provides all the solutions for Design Creativity, Surface excellence and Product experience.


Developing smart products has never been more challenging. Developers need an integrated systems engineering approach that enables them to manage the complete development process. Requirements engineering, systems architecture definition, detailed modeling and simulation of complex systems and the development of embedded software all need to be mastered in the context of the complete product.

The Systems Engineering solution from Dassault Systèmes delivers a unique, open and extensible development platform – a platform that fully integrates the cross-discipline modeling, simulation, verification and business process support needed for developing complex ‘cyber-physical’ products. It enables organizations to quickly and easily evaluate requests for changes or develop new products or system variants, while utilizing a unified performance based systems engineering approach that reduces the overall cost of system and product development.

Add some WOW with Composer

Composer replaces words with images, 3D that is. Your audience will immediately understand the message and the information you wish to convey. The software is based on the concept of a 3D immersive experience. It allows you to effectively communicate technical information to all stakeholders effectively in an attractive and realistic matter.

Composer supports various business professionals in the presentation of the overall action plan and ideas that compose it. This 3D software frees up time for teams by reducing drawing production in favor of higher value task.

COMPOSER offers several possibilities:

  • Create 2D and 3D documentation directly from 3D CAD data to reduce costs and production time.
  • Create animated assembly and maintenance instructions in 3D, and also interactive marketing communications.
  • perform animations including kinematics with a high resolution raster images in common formats.
  • control and manage access to intellectual property
  • produce technical communications around products that help customers and partners to understand and retain information effectively

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Predict the unpredictable

DELMIA software package can signals problems that may occur during the design stage and anticipate difficulties before production begin

DELMIA is a software used in conjunction with Dassault Systèmes V6 platform. It is used to indicate problems that may arise during the design and can anticipate difficulties upstream of production. It thus eliminates costly corrections. With DELMIA it is possible to simulate the production line as a consumer product or a major construction site.

DELMIA software is an innovative product in the regarding the planning of production. The advanced features that are used to define, plan, monitor and control virtually allow teams involved to work on common goals of efficient production.

  • Increase the product quality
  • Meet performance targets
  • Reduce production costs regarding inventories and returns
  • Go to a higher level of productivity and security

DELMIA is more than an application, it supports:

  • The definition of virtual processes
  • Maintenance of production systems in real time,
  • Parameterization of work cells by optimizing, organizing and defining its operation.
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Cooperate and decide

ENOVIA, the technology that allows innovation thru sound collaboration between local teams and organization posted across the globe

The ENOVIA platform enables cooperation and communication between local teams or persons scattered across the globe. Its technology is geared toward innovation, it takes full advantage of collaboration between all stakeholders. ENOVIA is easy to learn, is reliable and its robust design allows sophisticated data management and democratize the use of this data within the extended enterprise.

ENOVIA Intuitive user interface provides access to powerful features via a standard web browser, it satisfies a wide range of industrial needs. ENOVIA enables all stakeholders to work together efficiently by ensuring that everyone has the most current data, regardless of the CAD platform used. ENOVIA product incorporates effective working mechanisms standards, ready to be used, and can easily be combined with commonly used office tools such as MS Project or Primaverra.

Whether managing a portfolio of products, programs, a cost scenario or design-production cycle, the product is designed to provide quick access to strategic information across the extended enterprise and supply chain, to promote better decision-making and risk mitigation.

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Proven solutions tailored to your needs

SIMULIA is a product designed to facilitate inter-team working thru virtual trials by combining proven industrial methods

Used alone or in combination with other software to create a unified solution, SIMULIA combines industry practices, knowledge and proven work methods, together with a simulation of first order to design a solution tailored to your specific needs.

SIMULIA has been designed to facilitate inter-team working during virtual trials. It uses a technology called ABAQUS, a software package for calculating finite elements, its used because of the wide spectrum of analytical capabilities and its intuitiveness. SIMULIA provides the ability to conduct studies of fast and accurate performance in conjunction with the entire CAD platform. The solution enables the capture of knowledge from simulations for deployment, methods creation, management and sharing of results.

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Your business in real time

The 3DEXPERIENCE® platform is a business experience platform.

It provides software solutions for every organization in your company – from marketing to sales to engineering – that help you, in your value creation process, to create differentiating consumer experiences. With a single, easy-to-use interface, it powers Industry Solution Experiences – based on 3D design, analysis, simulation, and intelligence software in a collaborative, interactive environment. It is available on premise and on cloud.

Dassault Systèmes offers industry-leading processes delivered on the3DEXPERIENCE platform: Design & Engineering, Manufacturing & Production, Simulation, Governance & Lifecycle, 3D Design Experience for Professionals, as well as a broad catalog of services.

On Premise

The 3DEXPERIENCE® Process Portfolio On Premise expands capabilities already available on the V6 architecture and unifies the user experience for all Processes and Industries. Built to answer customer- and industry-specific needs for ease of use and lower training costs, the open architecture allows customization and the integration of enterprise data into a single environment. It provides a single source of truth by integrating all data required to create a powerful Process experience while helping reduce the necessity of costly IT operations such as database replication.

On the cloud

The 3DEXPERIENCE® Process Portfolio On Cloud expands capabilities already available on the V6 architecture and unifies the user experience for all Processes and Industries. Offered as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) on public cloud to provide increased flexibility and fast deployment, all services and support of the cloud provider are included in the price of the Processes, with Dassault Systèmes as the single point of contact and provision. The public cloud operates 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year, and includes maintenance, licensing, and upgrades. Total Cost of Ownership is improved by reducing requirements for computing and storage, as well as facility and human resources costs, empowering enterprises of all sizes, and enabling rapid sizing and capability deployment.

An intuitive single, compass-like interface provides easy-to-use navigation, search, and collaboration in the 3DEXPERIENCE platform environment, making it inclusive for all disciplines in the company – engineering, manufacturing, simulation, sales, marketing, finance, procurement, and management.

Initial purchase of on cloud service includes 25 GB storage space.

Out-OF-The-Box Capabilities:

  • 3DDashboard – Bring information from diverse sources into one customizable webpage
  • 3DSwym – Enable cross-discipline collaboration of users anywhere in the enterprise
  • 3DSpace – Simplified, powerful management of data and content
  • 3DPlay – Share 3D views and play 3D scenes
  • 3DSearch – Collect and find structured and unstructured data
  • 6WTags – Intelligent, structured, and fast tagging system for refining searches
  • 3DMessaging – Online chat for real-time text, image, or 3D transmission
  • 3DCompass – Unified access to all applications including 3rd party apps


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