The aerospace industry truly embodies the spirit of innovation. For over 20 years, the aviation community relies on PLM and 3D applications and digital mock-up.

The 3D Experience enables its customers to test new products, solutions and innovations before they are manufactured. The use of Dassault products allows of the aerospace leaders to create new experiences, reach new levels of complexity and safety with expanded collaboration. Dassault product allows being more flexible and leading the industry through sustainable development.

ScyForm experts will accompany you through all the challenges offered by the industry. Whether it’s a multi-site collaboration that harmonize values and culture of many countries, ScyForm develops with you a business model adapted to the synchronization of project data that enables management of complex and precise decisions.

Whatever the evolution of the aerospace sector, Dassault 3D experience helps give life to your concepts.


Sophisticated and Sustainable Building Life Experiences


Buildings have a major significance to society because they are integral parts of the basic infrastructure that supports the life and social activities of our citizens. Additionally, they have great environmental impact, consuming large amounts of water, energy, and other resources. The building industry is expected not only to cope with tightening government building codes in different countries and ensure compliance, but also to pursue progress through voluntary efforts,  working toward such goals as reducing energy consumption to zero, expanding the use of recyclable construction materials, and developing a new delivery mechanism to better respond to owner demands.

In recent years, the building industry has been accelerating the process of industrialization, learning from the highly efficient production systems employed by the automobile and aircraft industries. For example, the industry has been expanding the use of pre-fabricated components from off-site factories to improve efficiency of on-site activities, and has introduced just-in-time delivery systems to use storage spaces more efficiently, improving cash flow at the same time. Leveraging the rich experiences it has provided supporting the long-term improvement of business processes for manufacturing industries, including automotive and aircraft, Dassault Systèmes has developed specialized solutions for the construction industry to support their efforts in productivity improvement.

Understanding that multiple companies and organizations are involved in a construction project and recognizing that it is difficult to create a vertically integrated management structure, Dassault Systèmes created a foundation that enables open collaboration and integrated project delivery. Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE Platform solution for the building industry supports better management of lifecycle cost and the ability to address all project stages from preliminary basic planning to maintenance and operation.

Achieve Integrated Project Delivery for Infrastructure

Public infrastructure development constructs social assets for public use. It produces economic effects directly and indirectly through more efficient management of the urban infrastructure that serves as the basis of business activity and the social life of our citizens, as well as contributing to regional vitalization. For example, the construction of bridges connecting urban and rural areas strengthens transportation pipelines and improves efficiency in the distribution of materials and resources. The Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Industry has great social responsibilities. It is expected to ensure efficient usability by, among other things, adopting operationally efficient design and verifying the long-term load-bearing capacity of structures. Due to its nature, public infrastructure development requires strict observance of building codes and industrial standards and adoption of business processes that ensure compliance with related requirements.

In an increasing number of cases, national governments try to access resources and know-how in the private sector by employing new project management schemes known as Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) and Private Finance Initiatives (PFI). As a result, construction companies today need to seek collaboration with many stakeholders, present a “visualization” of projects, and try to improve long-term return on investment (ROI) while considering the entire project lifecycle.

Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE Platform enables integrated project delivery with a foundation that supports open collaboration among companies and organizations involved in public infrastructure development projects.  The solution helps overcome challenges and make progress in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Industry by transitioning from conventional design, construction, and management techniques that are dependent mostly on 2D drawings to a harmonious and consistent project flow based on the use of 3D master models.

Industrial Equipment


Companies producing industrial equipment must innovate to seize new opportunities and remain competitive. They must meet the demands of customers, adopt advanced engineering technologies, make better use of the purchasing power and provide additional services that will enhance customer satisfaction.

Today’s businesses do not always have the technology needed to transform their organization towards product innovation, after sales service or new products development.

ScyForm assist you in the transition from traditional planning to a 3D design solution. As a client, you will receive the tools and support needed to manage the life cycle of a product and everything related to technical documentation.




ScyForm challenge is to offer its customers the tools and support needed for their product development. Our expertise in collaboration and multi-site management allows your company to evaluate opportunities and react quickly to maintain and increase your market share.

The 3D SOCIAL EXPERIENCE solution is an approach that enables a company to achieve its objectives by meeting the expectations of its customers. It also helps to make informed decisions in terms of acceleration of product development while maximizing product performance and durability. ScyForm experts provide assistance in managing your project thru the use of Dassault System softwares.