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Thanks to ScyRoads, this solution proposes a design of roads with a digital 3D model, from the first engineering phase. ScyRoads offers speed, accuracy and versatility.

ScyForm is a pioneer in this field, offering a robust road design capability that sits on top Dassault Systèmes CATIA solution.

Industry challenges

The amount of data required for construction or by the principals, such as state departments of transport, request many hours of manpower. The volume of data is such that it is impossible to easily make a synthesis to be handled by a designer. The consistency of those data, and therefore their validation involves considerable effort, to ensure the production of documents for the construction site. In addition, building regulations issued by different government pillars are adding a level of complexity, making the task even more difficult.

The lack of accuracy due this complexity leads to poor costing, random contengencies are applied at percentages that may fluctuate a lot and impact the profit margin of projects.

To have the most accurate and realistic data is a  tremendous competitive advantage that allows responding to RFPs and RFAs in the best conditions.

Finally, completion time is a predominant factor for road projects. The quality of data provided to the sites, the effectiveness of communication among stakeholders, ease of interpretation, are all elements that can reduce the success of a road infrastructure project.

Ground breaking

The creation of a parametric 3D mock-up, very early in the road definition process, represents a completely new approach. Many industries, whether automobile or aerospace, to name a few, have already taken this approach, and continue to capitalize on a 3D digital models. Some industries no longer have to produce 2D drawings for their manufacturing process. The civil engineering industry should benefit from the same technology to increase its efficiency and performance. Today all the tools are ready, with a proven maturity, to serve all civil engineering discipline. An integrated parametric model eliminates the need for data exchange and fits right in the VPD process.



ScyRoads approach

ScyForm with its knowledge of the road process construction, and in conjunction with its experience of Dassault Systèmes 3D solutions, was able to develop a solution for this industry : ScyRoads. All information to describe a road, are available very soon in the design process so it was natural to capitalize on these datas to create a 3D virtual model.

By maximizing the capabilities offered by CATIA, with algorithms that can interpret and ensure the consistency of these enormous data sets, users can finally focus on the real issues. ScyRoads delivers a virtual 3D model taking into account the constraints of the land, tabular data, and rules of the state of the art for each province or country. With this approach, it is possible to visualize the whole of the road, and all the stations in the smallest details. With this last point, it becomes possible to embrace the fullroad topology, and optimize the points that could improve performance and efficiency, during construction. Finally, the virtual model having all the design data, ScyRoads automatically generates a large number of documents that can be used in the works.


Some benefits of the ScyRoads approach

Simplicity and speed

The user can stay concentrated on the road definition limiting theses interactions with the CAD tool Itself. The overall geometry being controlled by parameters managed by ScyRoads.

Checking data consistency

After each modification or introduction of new data, ScyRoads ensures the validity of the entire data set. ScyRoads checks, permanently, the consistency of the data set, helping the user in its approach.

An accurate model for accurate estimates

Unlike a pure 2D approach ScyRoads not only provides quantities, but exact quantities based on accurate 3D model. On specific projects, it was possible improve costing accuracy by up to of 10%. The distribution of stations along the road has a direct impact on quantities and costing. ScyRoads allows handling any desired number of stations, without additional effort.

The surface quality provided by CATIA from terrain scans, allows to keep a maximum precision for the most accurate results.

Scalable Solution

In addition, ScyRoads is entirely developed by ScyForm and has an open architecture. It is very easy to interface with other software already in use in your company, or add some specific requirements to meet your needs.

Multiple scenarios

ScyRoads allows you to play several scenarios very quickly, to meet the winning conditions for the success of your projects. A field change, a realignment of the track can be taken into account very quickly, to provide all the elements suitable to take a better decision.

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